Causes of Truck Accidents in Kansas City

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Truck accidents occur for a variety of reasons, but a large percentage of them can be attributed to one factor: driver negligence. Commercial truck drivers carry special licenses, they are subject to strict governmental regulations, and are held to higher standards than normal drivers. A semi-truck or 18-wheeler will often weigh as much as forty times more than a passenger vehicle, and consequently takes far longer to come to a complete stop. If a fatigued, drunk or distracted driver has caused injury to you or a loved one, do not hesitate to seek the help of a Kansas City personal injury lawyer from the Montee Law Firm, P.C.

Our team of personal injury attorneys has recovered over $250 million for our clients, and when you work with our firm, you will have more than 100 years of combined experience on your side. We represent injured people, not insurance companies, and are dedicated to helping you receive the compensation you deserve. Even if the accident was clearly caused by the truck driver, the insurance company is likely to fight to reduce or deny your claim, but you can level the playing field by hiring our firm and working with us from the beginning of your case.

Common Causes of Kansas City Truck Accidents

Tired drivers cause a large percentage of big-rig accidents, on account of the fact that they are often under intense pressure to meet strict delivery deadlines. Some truckers will attempt to combat fatigue by taking dangerous stimulants, while others simply stay on the road in the mistaken belief that they can continue to safely operate the vehicle. Other common causes include driving in bad weather, carrying excessive loads and a failure to properly maintain equipment such as brake pads and linings and trailer hitches. We have experience representing truck accident victims, and will thoroughly investigate your collision to find the necessary evidence to support your claim.

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