Kansas City Birth Injury Lawyer

Has your child suffered a preventable birth injury in Kansas City?

Some birth injuries are unavoidable, but many can be directly attributed to a doctor or nurse's negligence. If your child was injured during labor and delivery and you believe that a medical professional's mistakes are to blame, let a Kansas City personal injury lawyer from the Montee Law Firm, P.C. review your case, to determine whether you have grounds for legal action. Your family may be entitled to full financial compensation for everything from your medical expenses for treatment and ongoing care to lost income, reduced earning power and pain, suffering and emotional distress.

The costs associated with treating a birth injury can be astonishingly high, between caring for the infant immediately after the injury and providing for the child's future well-being and financial stability in the event that the injury has caused some form of disability. Knowing this, insurance companies are typically prepared to fight medical malpractice claims for this type of injury, and you may meet considerable opposition in your attempt to recover a fair settlement. By hiring an attorney from the Montee Law Firm, P.C., you can significantly improve your chances of success-we have 100 years of combined experience, and have recovered over $250 million for our clients.

Claiming Compensation for Kansas City Birth Injuries

Newborns are fragile, and injuries suffered during birth have the potential for causing negative effects that will last a lifetime. Shoulder dystocia, a delivery complication which occurs when the child's shoulder becomes stuck, can cause a brachial plexus injury such as Erb's palsy, resulting in partial or total paralysis in one of the arms. It may also result in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, a condition of oxygen deprivation which can cause permanent brain damage. Whether you want to claim damages for your child's Cerebral palsy, or to sue for wrongful death, we will stand by you as your case progresses, giving you the support and dedicated legal representation you deserve.

If your child was injured during labor and delivery and you want to learn whether you have grounds to sue for damages, contact a Kansas City birth injury attorney from our firm today.