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Fourth of July Safety: Reducing Your Risks

Posted By Montee Law Firm, P.C. || 3-Jul-2018

Montee Law Firm would like to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July. As the holiday approaches and many local residents throughout Kansas and Missouri are gearing up for celebrations, vacations, and long weekends, we’d like to send out a reminder that while celebrating our nation’s Independence has become a time-honored tradition, there are many dangers and risks associated with this holiday. As such, it’s critical that no matter how you intend to celebrate and enjoy the holiday, safety should always be a priority.

As personal injury lawyers who serve clients throughout Kansas City and beyond, we’ve become familiar with many of the dangers that Fourth of July can bring. Below, we provide some information about these hazards and a few important tips to help you enjoy this time of year safely!

  • Drunk DrivingDrunk driving may very well be a danger throughout the year, but it becomes a serious hazard during summer and holidays like Fourth of July. In fact, law enforcement agencies throughout the nation continually report increases in drunk driving accidents, injuries, and deaths during Fourth of July and the days before and after the holiday. If you plan on enjoying this holiday with alcoholic beverages, we encourage you to drink responsibly and do your part to reduce risks on our roads. This may involve designating a sober driver, calling a cab, using ride share services like Uber or Lyft, or making plans to spend the night somewhere safe without having to drive. Remember, authorities will be on high alert this week for impaired motorists!
  • Other Traffic Dangers – Aside from drunk driving, there are other unique risks on public roads during the Fourth of July. This includes increased traffic congestion before, during, and after the holiday, as many people hit the road for vacations or to get to special events. Prepare accordingly if you intend to drive this week, and make it a point to avoid distractions behind the wheel so you can stop or maneuver safely when congestion occurs. You should also be careful of driving while fatigued, which studies have confirmed can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. Get plenty of rest before you head out, switch off with more rested drivers, or pull off the road if you’re feeling drowsy.
  • Fireworks – For many, Fourth of July means fireworks. While fireworks are certainly common during this time of year, it is important to remember just how dangerous they can be. As such, the safest way to enjoy them is by attending a display put on by qualified professionals. If you do wish to enjoy fireworks of your own, take the time to ensure they comply with laws in your city and that they are used as safely as possible. According to the Red Cross this means supervising fireworks at all times and any children nearby, using fireworks in a safe location away from vehicles and structures, never relighting “duds,” and never pointing fireworks at other people.
  • Safety in the Water – Enjoying the water is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the Fourth, but it also brings risks. If you’re having a pool party, remember to closely supervise access to and around your pool, especially if children are nearby. Don’t allow running by the pool, intoxicated guests to get out of hand, or diving in shallow areas. You should also make sure you have safety or floatation devices nearby if needed, and that someone attending has a grasp on proper CPR procedures just in case.
  • Grills & Barbecues – Grilling up your Fourth of July meal is a great way to celebrate. To do so safely, the Red Cross recommends that grills and barbecues be placed outdoors away from structures, enclosed spaces, and fire hazards. Be sure to supervise the grill when it is in use, use long-handled tools for preparing your meals, watching for children nearby, and avoid using lighter fluid on coals that are already lit.

By brushing up on these simple and important reminders, you can reduce your risks of preventable accidents and injuries. However, our legal team at Montee Law Firm knows that accidents can happen to anyone at any time – especially when negligence is involved. That’s why we’re available to help local residents throughout Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas when preventable accidents occur. Give us a call or contact us online if you wish to learn more about your rights and the personal injury claim process! Consultations are free and confidential.

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