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How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted By Montee Law Firm, P.C. || 23-May-2017

After you or someone you love has been injured in an accident due to another’s negligence, you have the right to seek a recovery of your economic and noneconomic damages by pursuing a personal injury claim. Although you have this right, financial compensation is never guaranteed, especially because the process can be complex and because insurance companies are aggressive in their attempts to defend against claims and pay victims as little as possible.

When you depend on a full and fair recovery to pay for your medical bills and lost income, and to cover your emotional injuries and pain and suffering, it becomes clear that choosing the right attorney can make all the difference. At Monee Law Firm, we know that experienced and compassionate representation is what drives our success and our ability to recover the compensation clients deserve. In fact, it’s why we have won more than $250 million on behalf of our clients since 1996.

As we know that many injured victims and families have little familiarity with personal injury law and the characteristics they should be looking for in an attorney, we wanted to provide a list of factors you should be considering when choosing legal representation in your case:

  • Experience – Experience is a critical indicator of an attorney’s professional abilities. New and young attorneys simply don’t have experience handling all types of cases, including the case you may have, and lack insight into common strategies used by insurance companies and other defendants that defend against claims. They may also lack familiarity with local courts, professional connections with experts who can strengthen cases, and knowledge of how to best approach challenging cases. At Montee Law Firm, our legal team draws from over 100 years of collective experience to handle even the toughest cases. Since 1996, our team has handled the full range of injury cases for clients throughout Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas, and the U.S. Our experience entails more than just years in practice; it represents decades of hard work and proven results.
  • Practice Area – When choosing a personal injury lawyer, you want to select an attorney who focuses their practice on personal injury law. Often, many lawyers spread themselves thin by practicing multiple disciplines of law. This means they don’t devote the same amount of time or energy to handling injury cases. Our legal team focuses solely on personal injury and cases involving injuries caused by negligence, including those involving defective products, unsafe premises, and medical malpractice. Personal injury is all we do, which is why we have accumulated the breadth of experience and insight needed to help clients succeed.
  • Record of Success – Past results do not indicate future success, but they do speak volumes about the types of cases attorneys have handled and the types of results they have secured. Our more than $250 million in recoveries includes successful results in all types of injury cases, from construction and car accidents to medical malpractice and product liability. They have also come by way of settlements and verdicts, which speaks to our trial skills and the versatility we leverage when insurance companies fail to make fair offers and litigation becomes necessary. Some personal injury attorneys don’t have this type of success, and only settle claims quickly and for less money than lawyers who have the ability to litigate. You can see from our verdicts and settlements that we’re capable of producing solid results in a range of circumstances.
  • Client Testimonials – Looking at what former clients have to say about the type of representation and support they received from an attorney can help you understand the type of service they provide. Sometimes, clients will have negative things to say about the skills or abilities of lawyers. Other times, and most commonly, they voice complaints about the level of service they received. At our firm, we have cultivated a positive reputation among the local communities because we put clients first and treat them as real people, not numbers. Clients always have access to our attorneys when they have questions or concerns, and we work to keep them apprised about their rights and the progress of their cases. We also make ourselves available for weekend, evening, hospital, and home appointments because we know that injuries can happen at any time, and that victims often want to learn about their rights immediately after the accident. Clients are happy with the work we do, and they appreciate the time we take in making their experience as positive as possible.

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