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Kansas City's Most Dangerous Intersections

Posted By Montee Law Firm, P.C. || 6-Mar-2017

Driver distraction is as much a problem in Kansas City as it is throughout the country. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of serious, preventable car accidents. A survey of more than 7,500 auto accidents in 2012 revealed that driver distraction was the number one culprit behind a number of preventable collisions at intersections.

Data from public records provided by the Missouri State Highway Patrol reveals that the following intersections have seen the most accidents and injuries:

  • I-70/I-435
  • 64th Street/I-29
  • 23rd Street/I-435
  • I-70/Blue Ridge Cutoff
  • Broadway/Fifth Street
  • Bannister/U.S. 71
  • Front Street/I-435
  • I-435/87th Street
  • U.S. 71/Red Bridge Road
  • Vivion Road/Oak Trafficway

What is Driver Distraction?

Anything that takes a driver’s mental, manual, and/or cognitive attention away from the primary task of driving is considered a distraction. Texting, scrolling through apps, making calls, staring at GPS, eating, and grooming while driving are just some of the many distracting behaviors that often cause crashes. The unfortunate truth is that even though most drivers know that it is wrong to engage in these behaviors behind the wheel, many of them still choose to do so thinking that nothing bad can possibly happen to them. The truth is that it only takes a moment of inattention from even the most experienced driver to cause an accident that can have lifelong consequences.

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