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Top 5 Risks for Missouri Construction Workers

Posted By Montee Law Firm, P.C. || 4-Apr-2017

Construction is consistently among the most dangerous professions in the country. Each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 150,000 construction site accidents across the U.S. With an active residential and commercial construction industry, Missouri sees its fair share of construction accidents as well, and they often result injuries.

As a proven Kansas City law firm that has helped thousands of clients across Missouri since 1996, Montee Law Firm has worked with many construction workers who suffered harm while on the job. By leveraging our century of collective experience and insight into construction accident cases, we have helped workers protect their rights following serious injuries, and have recovered millions of dollars on their behalves. This includes the largest personal injury settlement in Buchanan County history - $12.5 million for a construction site explosion involving the Triumph Foods plant in St. Joseph.

While every case is unique, many of the verdicts and settlements we have secured on behalf of injured construction workers involved some of the same hazards. After all, construction sites are filled with many of the same risks, including some that cause more injuries and fatalities than others. According to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), some of the most concerning risks construction workers face include:

  1. Working from heights – Falls are the leading cause of injuries and deaths on construction sites. In fact, OSHA reports that falls account for nearly 40% of construction fatalities annually. As construction workers often ply their trade from heights, or use ladders and scaffolding, they routinely face fall risks. Unsafe ladders or scaffolding, tripping hazards, unsecure safety lines, and even simple mistakes can have big consequences when they result in falls.
  2. Moving objects – There are a lot of moving parts on construction sites, and some of these moving parts can be large and heavy machinery. As such, construction workers face significant risks of suffering injury or death by being struck by an object or caught / stuck in between an object. These accidents can involve falling objects, such as tools, flying objects, swinging or slipping objects, moving machinery, debris, materials, and collisions on ground level. While some moving object accidents may be difficult to avoid, others can be prevented with proper protective equipment, proper storage of materials, safe handling practices, and general work zone safety.
  3. Electrical hazards – Construction sites are filled with electrical hazards, including open and exposed wiring, unfinished electrical components, cords, and heavy machinery. Every year, electrical accidents result in many injuries, including shock and burns. Electrical shock can have varying consequences, but can be exceedingly dangerous when it occurs to a worker who is performing their job on a ladder, scaffolding, or from heights. Electrical hazards also pose the risk of serious explosions that can seriously injure works and others nearby, and result in fires. Fatal electrocution is also a significant risk, and it accounted for nearly 9% of all construction site deaths nationwide in 2015, according to OSHA
  4. Slip, trip and falls – Construction sites are home to large scale projects in various stages of development, which means there is commonly uneven ground, exposed pipes or wiring, and other similar risks. The amount of machinery, tools, equipment, and even personnel present on a site can make for a busy environment, and numerous potential hazards where workers walk. All of these factors can increase risks of slipping, tripping, and falling.
  5. Illnesses – In addition to risks we can see with the naked eye, some construction workers, especially those involved in industries that use hazardous materials or work on structures that may contain hazardous substances, can face risks of occupational illnesses and disease. For example, construction workers and others who perform work on construction sites for older structures run the risk of exposure to asbestos, which can result in fatal diseases such as mesothelioma. Other illnesses resulting from toxic exposure may include lead poisoning and respiratory disease. OSHA reports that construction workers are twice as likely to develop a chronic lung disease, such as emphysema or bronchitis, as non-construction workers.
  6. Noise – Although some may not consider noise to be a risk, noise is a serious hazard on construction sites due to large and heavy machinery, very loud sounds, repetitive noise, and echoing. Ear protection is important and employers are required to provide them, but roughly half of all construction workers still suffer from noise-induced hearing loss, according to the Center for Construction Research and Training.

Construction accidents can have devastating consequences that can keep employees out of work while they recover, or result in impairment and disabilities that make any type of work a challenge. In the most tragic of cases, risks on construction sites can prove fatal. Whatever you situation may be, our Kansas City construction accident lawyers encourage you to reach out to us for a free review of your case to learn more about your rights and whether you may be entitled to compensation.

Our award-winning lawyers are passionate about helping victims during difficult times. We are also available to assist families who have lost loved ones in fatal construction accidents. When you need caring and compassionate legal representation backed by a proven record of success, you can trust in our team to guide you through the process.

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