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Are Some Types of Footwear Safer to Drive In than Others?

Posted By The Montee Law Firm || 25-Sep-2015

Many women will choose footwear that compliments their outfits without thinking about how it might affect their driving abilities. While it is not illegal to drive in footwear like slippers, flip flops, or high heels, or without any footwear at all, many do not realize that they could put drivers at risk of an accident.

Thinking About Driving in High Heels? Think Again

A driver must be able to firmly and evenly apply pressure to a brake or clutch pedal in order to use them effectively. Shoes with flat soles distribute weight evenly on the pedal when the foot presses down. High heeled shoes, however, are shaped in such a way that only the ball of the foot can make contact with the pedal. This decrease in available surface area puts the driver more at risk of either missing the pedal or not being able to press down firmly enough for it to be effective. The narrow heel also makes it difficult for the foot to rest comfortably when covering the brake, hindering the driver’s ability to react quickly in the event of an imminent collision.

While many women who wear heels attempt to remedy this situation by removing their heeled shoes, driving barefoot or in stockings presents risks of its own. Similar to high heels, driving barefoot is not as effective as driving in regular shoes because the foot is not as effective at distributing even pressure on the pedal. To compensate for this, drivers have to apply extra pressure, which could increase their chances of developing cramping and pain in their foot while driving. Feet covered in stockings have the added trouble of being slippery, causing feet to slide off of the pedal when the driver is trying to brake.

The Dangers of Driving in Flip Flops

Perhaps even more dangerous than heels are thong sandals, or flip flops. Flip flops are responsible for an estimated 1.4 million near-miss accidents every year, and approximately one-third of drivers drive in flip flops at any given time. Flip flops are dangerous because they can catch underneath the pedals and slow the driver’s ability to reach the brake. In fact, drivers who wear flip flops take twice as long to move their foot from the accelerator to the brake than those with other types of footwear. If an accident is imminent, every second counts.

In order to avoid the risks associated with driving with these kinds of footwear, it is recommended that you keep a backup pair of driving shoes in your vehicle at all times. Examples of appropriate footwear include rubber soled, closed-toe shoes that fit securely on your foot without slipping. This small but important step could make all the difference to your safety on the road.

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