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Getting Workers' Comp for Neck Pain | Kansas City Law Blog

Posted By Montee Law Firm || 29-May-2015

Neck pain isn't always debilitating, but it can impair your ability to work. In some cases, it can keep you from doing your job altogether. If you're suffering from work-related neck pain, you've probably wondered if you can collect workers' compensation.

The short answer to this question is it depends; workers' compensation law is fairly complex, and involves variables unique to your injury, job, and workplace.


The first question you should ask is this: is my neck pain the result of a work-related injury? If not, your workers' compensation coverage will not provide for any financial obligations caused by your neck pain. Defining an on the job injury isn't always simple though. Certain accidents can be covered by workers' compensation even if they occur off the workplace premises. These might include:

  • Driving a company car. If you sustain an injury while driving a company car for work-related activities or tasks, you can seek financial compensation for injuries. If, for example, you were rear-ending and sustained a neck injury, you could seek compensation for the accident.
  • Attending a company social event. Sometimes, work parties and other social events don't take place on the workplace premises. However, you can typically seek compensation for minor injuries (such as a neck injury) if your employer sponsored the event.
  • Lunch breaks. If your lunch break was technically part of your job, such as meeting a client at a restaurant, you can still seek financial compensation for your neck injury. Standard lunch breaks may not fall into this category, though.


A repetitive stress injury (or repetitive motion injury) can lead to ongoing medical problems. This type of injury might include repeated lifting or other strenuous physical activities. If you sustain a neck injury because of some ongoing motion or stress linked to your job, you can seek money for treatment through a workers' compensation claim.

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