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Drugs & Alcohol Found as Two of the Biggest Factors in Adolescent Car Accidents

Posted By Montee Law Firm || 15-Jan-2015

Recent research indicates that in car accidents where an adolescent driver is killed, half of these drivers had alcohol or marijuana in their system at the time of the crash. Although the study only evaluated certain states, including New Hampshire, Washington, and California, it is a shocking statistic that renews conversation about current laws in place.

Are drivers using one substance at a time, or both?

The prevalence of marijuana legalization would cause some to assume that alcohol consumption would naturally decrease. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Research also shows that victims over the age of 21 commonly used both marijuana and alcohol when driving.

Car accidents are the reason for more deaths in individuals aged 18-25 than anything else in the United States. Based on the statistics, it is clear that a substantial part of the problem lies in alcohol and drug use while driving.

In light of this serious problem, one group argued that changing the drinking age to 18 presents a viable solution. But does it? Because individuals over 21 tend to mix the usage of alcohol and marijuana, experts say, lowering the drinking age may only fix the problem temporarily.

What can be done right now?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to develop an immediate solution to this crisis. One of the best thing drivers can do is to be aware of potential dangers while on the road. Stay alert for those operating a vehicle while under the influence and report anything suspicious right away.

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