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  • When it Rains, It Pours: 13 Tips for Safe Rainy Weather Driving

    Posted By Montee Law Firm, P.C. || 11-Dec-2015

    With fall coming to an end and winter beginning soon, you can count on frequent rainy weather. While rain can be enjoyable, it can also pose serious driving risks if motorists are not considerate of driving habits or observant of road conditions. To stay safe when commuting from home to work or any other place, consider reading the following safety tips our Kansas City car accident lawyers have ...
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  • 5 Important Ground Rules for Teen Drivers

    Posted By Montee Law Firm || 16-Nov-2015

    In the United States, car accidents are the leading cause of death for young adults ages 15 to 20. Sadly, these deaths are avoidable. Problems like distracted driving, alcohol use, and driving without a seatbelt are common factors in in many teen driving accidents. Safety experts suggests laying these ground rules for your kids to make sure they understand the importance of safe driving and the ...
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  • Traveling the Sunday After Thanksgiving Weekend? Here's the Safest Times to Drive

    Posted By Montee Law Firm, P.C. || 13-Nov-2015

    On Thanksgiving weekend, many people are traveling to and from the homes of family members and friends. Of course, due to the numerous drivers on the road, heavy traffic congests roads during the holiday weekend. In addition, there is a larger risk of car accidents due to the high volume of drivers occupying the roads. However, some times are better to travel than others. Waze, the world’s ...
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  • Social Security Disability: Frequently Asked Questions

    Posted By The Montee Law Firm || 2-Oct-2015

    Getting an application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits approved is a notoriously difficult task, and many people have questions about how the process works. If you have been injured and are unable to work, please review the following frequently asked questions to learn more about your eligibility for SSD benefits as well as what to expect. Who qualifies for Social Security Disability ...
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  • Are Some Types of Footwear Safer to Drive In than Others?

    Posted By The Montee Law Firm || 25-Sep-2015

    Many women will choose footwear that compliments their outfits without thinking about how it might affect their driving abilities. While it is not illegal to drive in footwear like slippers, flip flops, or high heels, or without any footwear at all, many do not realize that they could put drivers at risk of an accident. Thinking About Driving in High Heels? Think Again A driver must be able to ...
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