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Teen Dies After Eating Cookie with Peanut Oil

Posted By Montee Law Firm || 15-Mar-2013

Cameron Groezinger-Fitzpatrick was a teenager who was in his first year at college when his life ended suddenly by biting a cookie. According to reports, the teen was aware of the fact that he had a severe peanut allergy. When he was 8-years-old, he began vomiting after he had peanuts in a dish at a Chinese restaurant. In high school, the teen suffered from a severe allergic reaction when he dropped his inhaler into a pile of acorns while running. The nuts caused his throat to tighten up, and for a few moments Groezinger-Fitzpatrick was at a risk to suffocation. Thankfully, emergency crews were able to get to the scene in time to safe the teenager.

One week ago, the 19-year-old was offered a cookie by a friend. He was on spring break and was home for the weekend in order to visit with family and friends. The teen was attending Bryant University in Rhode Island, and drove back to Plymouth, Massachusetts for part of break. He planned to take off for a study-aboard program in Massachusetts in the near future. He had only been back in his native state for two hours when he went out with a friend and purchased some cookies. The friend insisted that there was no hint of peanuts in the cookies, and Groezinger-Fitzpatrck took a bite.

Within minutes after eating the cookie, the young man was doubled over, hardly able to breathe. Because he had not unpacked for spring break yet, his mother could not locate his epinephrine auto injector which may have been able to calm the allergic reactions. Dispatchers on the 911 line told the mother not to use an expired Epi-Pen that she found in her cupboard, and a neighbor with a fresher Epi-Pen came and administered the treatment. The teen was rushed to the hospital, where medical staff tried treatments and CPR on his failing body for two hours. At 9 p.m. he was declared dead.

Interestingly enough, about three million American children suffer from a food or digestive allergy. Between 1997 and 1007, 18 percent more people developed these types of allergies. According to a professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, severe food allergies are typically a combination of genes, environment, and diet. They can be serious and fatal, as this story evidences. If you have been injured because of an allergic reaction that could have been prevented then you may have the right to seek compensation.

For example, if a friend or family member insisted that you taste something that resulted in a reaction. As well, if you child suffered a severe allergic reaction because a daycare worker or school employee allowed him or her to eat an item regardless of the fact that you warned them about the allergy, then this would be grounds for a lawsuit. If you want more information about how to litigate in these situations, an attorney at the Montee Law Firm can help. You want a Kansas City personal injury attorney who can aggressively litigate in your case. Contact a lawyer today for more information!

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