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Man Wins $8,000 For Small World Breakdown

Posted By Montee Law Firm || 28-Mar-2013

Disneyland is commonly known as "The Happiest Place on Earth" but one visitor at the park in Anaheim, California would beg to differ. The individual with the initials J.M. was stuck on the malfunctioning It's A Small World ride for over 30 minutes when the ride stopped working. The accident happened in 2009. J.M. was told to remain in his boat. While on the boat, he suffered a medical emergency. Because J.M. and his wife had a video camera with them in the ride, she turned it on and filmed as she tried to treat her quadriplegic husband.

Disney cast members had helped J.M. into the ride when he boarded outside, but now that the ride was stopped he was informed that the cast members could not help him out. He was trapped for an extended amount of time in the ride, which remained on with the music playing. J.M.'s attorney claims that the plaintiff didn't medically stabilize until three hours after the incident. J.M. argues that there should be a procedure for getting an individual off of a ride in the event of a medical emergency from any point in the ride's interior. J.M. claims that he feared for his life.

The man suffered from dysreflexia, a condition that is experienced by those with spinal cord injuries. The medical condition flares up when a person is stressed or is overstimulated. J.M. believes that being in the ride with its constant movement and loud music is what caused him to lapse into a dysreflexia attack. In some cases, dysreflexia can even lead to stroke an death. J.M.'s attorney claims that the client suffers from panic attacks and high blood pressure. He was aggravated because he had to go to the bathroom and was not able to disembark from the boat. If you want more information about theme park lawsuits like this one, a Kansas City personal injury attorney at the Montee Law Firm may be able to assist you.

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