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Social Security Disability, the Delays Continue

Posted By Russ Purvis || 25-Jun-2012

Individuals applying for Social Security Disability benefits face long delays which continue to get longer every year. If the initial application is denied, and an appeal is necessary, it can take up to 24 months from the time a hearing request is filed to receive a ruling from the administrative law judge that is assigned to the claim.

Part of the delay is a result of the sheer number of hearing request that are being made. The application rate for Social Security Disability benefits has reached an all time high. In 2011, 662,765 hearing requests were completed. The Social Security Administration expects each administrative law judge to resolve 500-700 cases each year. Currently, only 77% of the administrative law judges are meeting expectations.

In an effort to address the delays facing those in need of disability benefits, the Congress is currently holding hearings entitled “Securing the Future of the Disability Insurance Program”. It remains to be seen as to whether the hearings will result in any changes that will improve the hearing process.

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