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Blog Posts in June, 2012

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  • Truck Accidents and Applicable Statutes of Limitations

    Posted By Russ Purvis || 30-Jun-2012

    Commonly known as a statute of limitations, laws barring an individual’s ability to bring a claim for damages after a car accident or truck accident, after the passing of a specific period of time, exist in every state. The time periods vary, and the whole process can become even more confusing when an accident occurs in one state, but suit is filed in a different state. A recent case handed ...
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  • Social Security Disability, the Delays Continue

    Posted By Russ Purvis || 25-Jun-2012

    Individuals applying for Social Security Disability benefits face long delays which continue to get longer every year. If the initial application is denied, and an appeal is necessary, it can take up to 24 months from the time a hearing request is filed to receive a ruling from the administrative law judge that is assigned to the claim. Part of the delay is a result of the sheer number of hearing ...
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  • Missouri Truck Accident Statistics

    Posted By Russ Purvis || 22-Jun-2012

    In Missouri in 2010, the most recent year for which data is available from Missouri’s 2010 Traffic Safety Compendium, trucks and other commercial vehicles were involved in 13,621 traffic accidents. Truck accidents and accidents involving other commercial vehicles, resulted in 105 deaths and 4007 injuries, resulting in a person being injured or killed every 2.1 hours on Missouri roads in ...
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  • Cass County Missouri Amnesty for Warrants

    Posted By Russ Purvis || 20-Jun-2012

    Under the topic of news you might be able to use, is the warrant amnesty program currently taking place in Cass County, Missouri. The amnesty program will run through June 22, 2012. The program applies to warrants issued through Division III of the Cass County, Missouri Circuit Court. If you are believe you might have a warrant pending in Cass County, you can verify whether or not a warrant is ...
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  • Kansas No Pay No Play Statute Impacts Pain and Suffering Recovery

    Posted By Russ Purvis || 14-Jun-2012

    As we all know, maintaining auto insurance is important for many reasons. If you are involved in a car accident with an uninsured driver, and do not have uninsured motorist coverage, it may be impossible to recover your damages. In Kansas, if you do not have auto insurance, your ability to recover your damages for pain and suffering, even if the at fault driver is insured, is severely restricted. ...
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  • Missouri and Kansas Workers' Compensation: Tips for Injured Workers

    Posted By Russ Purvis || 12-Jun-2012

    Workers’ compensation laws vary state to state, and an employee that has been injured often finds his or herself attempting to navigate a complicated and confusing system. Generally, an employer owes three duties to an injured worker. First, the employer should provide medical treatment. Second, if the injury results in physical restrictions while treatment in ongoing, the employer must ...
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  • Changing Missouri's Nonpartisan Court Plan is a Bad Idea

    Posted By Russ Purvis || 7-Jun-2012

    Missouri’s nonpartisan court plan serves a national model for keeping politics out of the selection of judges. Politicians in Missouri are now attempting to insert politics back into the selection process. The Missouri Legislature has voted to place a constitutional amendment on the November 6, 2012, ballot that will give the governor much more control over the selection process. The ...
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