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New Changes in Missouri Workers' Compensation Law Further Restrict Injured Workers' Ability to Obtain Compensation

Posted By Russ Purvis || 13-Jul-2012

Missouri has once again limited the rights of injured workers to recover damages. On July 10, 2012, Governor Nixon signed into law House Bill 1540, thereby amending RSMo Section 287.120.1. The amendment eliminates an injured worker’s ability to bring a cause of action for damages against a negligent co-worker.

Prior to this amendment taking place, the appellate courts in Missouri had determined that an injured worker could seek damages from a negligent co-worker in a civil action, outside of the workers’ compensation administrative process. This right to recover against a negligent co-worker afforded untold numbers of injured workers the ability to obtain adequate compensation for the damages that they had suffered. That right has now been taken away.

Injured worker’s rights remain under assault in Missouri. Every change in the law makes it that much more difficult for an injured worker to recover workers’ compensation benefits in Missouri. If you, or anyone you know, has been injured on the job, contact the Montee Law Firm for a free initial consultation. Our firm has been handling workers’ compensation claims for decades, and we want to help you recover all of the compensation that you deserve.

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