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Bicycle Accidents and Proving Liability Using Helmet Mounted Cameras

Posted By Russ Purvis || 23-Jul-2012

If you have been riding a bicycle for any period of time, you have undoubtedly had the misfortune of dealing with a car or truck driver that feels he or she owns the road. If you are fortunate enough to only have experienced the honking of a horn, or a few choice curse words directed your way, and have not been involved in a bicycle accident, consider your self lucky.

Every year, hundreds of cyclists are seriously injured, and more than a few are killed, by negligent drivers of motor vehicles. In many instances the driver of the motor vehicle leaves the scene of the accident. If the driver of the vehicle does stick around, most deny liability. I have handled numerous car/truck versus bicycle cases, and the defense is always the same: “the bicycle rider caused the accident.” Unfortunately, it has been my experience that accident investigators have a bias toward believing that the cyclist is usually at fault. Advances in technology may change that bias.

In an interesting article in the July 21, 2012 issue of the New York Times, the use by cyclists of small helmet mounted cameras is discussed. The cameras are described as “black boxes” for cyclists. In one case outlined in the article, a cyclist with camera mounted on his helmet was struck by a truck that left the scene of the accident. The cyclist was able to recover the truck’s license number from the camera. The driver has now been charged with leaving the scene of the accident.

Until I read the article, I would never have thought of using a camera for such a purpose. After reading the article, I will be mounting a small camera on my helmet. While the camera will cannot prevent an accident, it will certainly help preserve evidence, and will probably also make me more conscious of my decisions on the road.

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